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V9 Audio Studio Kit: scheda audio multifunzione per il Live Streaming

Scheda audio di sintonizzazione multifunzione, funzionamento semplice, facile da usare, batteria al litio integrata.
Compatibile con telefoni cellulari e computer.
8 principali modalità di trasmissione dal vivo, interruttore con un clic 8 modalità, facile da gestire in varie occasioni, rendono la tua trasmissione dal vivo più professionale.
Supporta la trasmissione live con doppio microfono.

Acquista su Chinavasion:
V9 Audio Studio Sound Card Kit 3.5mm Microphone Headphone Live Streaming Bluetooth-compatible Audio Adapter For Mobile Computer black V9
Product code: PEL_0L8BAMEY
Prezzo di listino: 42,15 € (Offerte in corso!)


  1. The high/mid/bass is adjustable, the treble makes the sound full and clear, with a sense of penetration, the midrange makes the sound line more stable, and the bass is cleaner and more transparent.
  2. Bluetooth-compatible wireless boot, press the Bluetooth-compatible button after power on, the light flashes quickly, turn on the Bluetooth-compatible of the mobile phone and find “FRJ-SPEAKER” for pairing, the light flashes slowly after the connection is successful.
  3. 12 kinds of electronic sounds, professional-level electronic sound adjustment, customize and personalize different electronic sounds, and change different sounds.
  4. 14 kinds of preheating atmosphere sound effects, through the atmosphere, the mood of the players on the scene is vividly expressed.
  5. Professional beauty, one-click voice changer.
  6. Professional bell, one key to change the sound.
  7. Automatically recognize the sound and intelligently reduce the volume of the background music. 10. Monitor headphones in real time.
  8. Support dual mobile phone live broadcast, can connect two platforms at the same time for dual mobile phone live broadcast (with Bluetooth guidance).
  9. Support most mobile phones, tablets, computers, notebooks and other devices, compatible with most APPs on the market.

Product name: Sound Card Set
Model: V9
Material: metal
Colour: Black
Channel system: dual channel
Output sampling rate: 32KHz
Application: Home/Outdoor
Installation method: external
Audio interface: 3.5mm
Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Charging: 5V/1A
Cable length: 1m/3.28ft
Product size: 211.5X170X38mm/8.33X6.69X1.5″
Packaging: 225X165X47mm/8.86X6.5X1.85″
Product weight: 476g
Packing weight: 626g
Packing list:
V9 sound card x 1
Charging line x 1
Live line x 1
Style line x 1
Instructions x 1
Packing box x 1